Cash Infusion Boosts PICR Fund III’s Ability to Acquire Undervalued Properties


Pintar Investment Company (PIC), an entrepreneurial real estate investment management firm based in Orange County, today announced a significant capital raise for the first quarter of 2016. Investors showed strong support for PIC’s PICR Fund III, adding nearly $4.3M additional equity. The firm is in midst of raising capital for its Third Fund – PICR Fund III, with a projected raise of $125M in debt and equity. PIC’s PICR Fund III is a real estate investment fund that invests in existing single family homes.

“Given the lack of new home construction over the past seven years coupled with significant increases in population and household formation, the demand for housing far outpaces the current supply,” explained Jeff Pintar, President and CEO of Pintar Investment Company. “And given existing single family homes is the largest real estate asset class the opportunities are nearly endless for a long term investor looking to protect, preserve and grow their capital.”

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Pintar Investment Company, LLC (PIC) is a San Juan Capistrano, California-based, fully integrated real estate firm. PIC has expertise in real estate investment management, acquisition, disposition, development and redevelopment of residential and commercial projects throughout the United States.

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